Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To pvp or not to pvp

Couple of years ago, back when TBC was about to be launched and everyone got really happy that getting the best pvp gear required skill instead of load and loads of time. I remember talking to some friends about it and I said that they should make WSG rated instead and I still belive that.

First off are the balance issues, its alot harder to balance the small scenarios in arena than it is balancing large groups vs large groups. Furthermore, when the goal is something other than killing everyone it allows for more asymetrical balance to come into play, intead of making sure everyone is balanced to everyone including pve.

Second, if your audience has never seen wow they still understand whats going on alot easier to the hectic arena fighting, where every player would need their own commentator to be able to explain everyhing. Capture the flag is rather simple and easy to follow. Also, in any good sport, you need players to make the big plays and you need the audience to see the great moves, which in arena does not work very well.

I belive that wsg is more wow-like than the arena. In my opinion, raiding is the best thing wow ever did and many would probably agree with me. Wsg is alot like raiding in many ways, you got your tank(and something to tank!), you got your healer and you will have players with special assignments (defend flag, midfielders, attackers etc etc).

I havent been doing arena much, mainly because I feel that luck is such a big part in there, you miss one swing or you crit just right makes the difference between winning and loosing. However, this news about rated bgs has made me very very interested in picking up pvp again.

-Rated BG: two thumbs up!

And thats my 0.02e this tuesday.

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