Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A fresh 80, now what?

So, I finaly reached 80 on my hunter.
Raiding was not really an option for me, having done
all the content and all. Ruby Sanctum is really just one boss,
not going to spend the next month gearing up just to have a crack at that.

So, I figured I would go and pvp. As it turns out though, I would have
to spend even more time grinding battlegrounds, decking out my character to even be moderately competative (currently getting 2 shotted, literally).
All in all, I did farmed some badges, bought tier 9 shoulders, bought
bracers, found the epic crossbow from uthgarde, got owned a bunch of times
to get one win.

Then I rerolled a paladin, still a class I havent gotten to 80. And considering that nothing done on lvl 80 at the moment matters, I might just aswell try to get a bunch of 80s ready to go once cataclysm ships.
Completed the van cleef questline yesterday, and for once I actually read the quest text and the notes you have to bring left and right. The story of wow might not be so bad afterall. :P

Anyhow, the guild seems to be going great, 9 days until start and plenty of people already signed up. However, if you arent unfamiliar with raiding and like the idea of leveling up as a guild, go check out:
Still need most classes/specs, first come first served.

My name is Nairi and these are my 0.02€ of today :D
-Have a good day everybody!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mass effect 2

Yes, I am more than a few months behind,
but I recently played through mass effect 2.

And let me tell you, it is awesome!
I honestly dont know where to begin, but lets start with the story.
Aliens are coming to kill kill all, you must stop them, gather a team,
blabla, not that unique, but what makes the story great is all the ingame
cutscenes, which really makes the story come alive, its like watching a movie!

This is still a game though, but not to worry, the combat system is great too.
You pick one of 6 classes, from relying on "spells" to almost pure gun fighting. You also control a squad, you have a basic move command, and you can use the skills of your teammates. The squad mechanic is really easy to use,
but still very effective.

For me, however, the greatest selling point was that the choices you make actually makes a difference. Choosing if you are going to be "good" or "evil". At the end of the game, your choices will determinate who lives and who dies.
Considering that the choices you now make, will also have an impact on your game in mass effect 3 makes it sooo much better.

I have always loved online games, and hated single player ones. But this one is really so good that I highly recommend you play it.

and thats my 0.02 € today.

(amazon link for the lazy: Mass Effect 2)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hello interwebs!
As you can tell I have not been posting for a few weeks now. The reason was that I lost interest in wow completely. Now however I'm hoping to get my interest revitilized by joining this rerolling guild.

Currently the raid content is non-existant so I figured I might aswell reroll, play with some new people and perhaps eventually get to raiding, kinda like when I first started playing wow.

The guild is going to be horde and is set to start on 1st of august, almost everyone is welcome at this point I would assume. So if you are guildless and would not mind leveling up togheter with a bunch of new people definately check the site out.

I would hope this guild does not enforce raiding, a schedule is good, dont get me wrong. But I would like to have the option of not raiding if I dont feel like it, would be a nice change from all the attendance demands most guilds throw at you.

Anyway, I shall change my slogan a bit, I dont know how often I will post stuff here, but I shall try to get atleast one post/week up.

my 0.02€ this tuesday

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To pvp or not to pvp

Couple of years ago, back when TBC was about to be launched and everyone got really happy that getting the best pvp gear required skill instead of load and loads of time. I remember talking to some friends about it and I said that they should make WSG rated instead and I still belive that.

First off are the balance issues, its alot harder to balance the small scenarios in arena than it is balancing large groups vs large groups. Furthermore, when the goal is something other than killing everyone it allows for more asymetrical balance to come into play, intead of making sure everyone is balanced to everyone including pve.

Second, if your audience has never seen wow they still understand whats going on alot easier to the hectic arena fighting, where every player would need their own commentator to be able to explain everyhing. Capture the flag is rather simple and easy to follow. Also, in any good sport, you need players to make the big plays and you need the audience to see the great moves, which in arena does not work very well.

I belive that wsg is more wow-like than the arena. In my opinion, raiding is the best thing wow ever did and many would probably agree with me. Wsg is alot like raiding in many ways, you got your tank(and something to tank!), you got your healer and you will have players with special assignments (defend flag, midfielders, attackers etc etc).

I havent been doing arena much, mainly because I feel that luck is such a big part in there, you miss one swing or you crit just right makes the difference between winning and loosing. However, this news about rated bgs has made me very very interested in picking up pvp again.

-Rated BG: two thumbs up!

And thats my 0.02e this tuesday.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Give more stuff to do blizz!

Currently the content in wow has been out for close to 6 months, hardmodes maybe 5? The guild I am a part of are still running hardmodes, hopefully we will get professor/sindragosa soon. To me hardmodes are the same fight, with some tweaks to make it harder, not that inspiring. Dont get me wrong I intend to do them, but 6 months between content release is just too long. And the next one is just going to be one boss.

So what to do? I have pretty much stopped doing dailies, I am just logging in for raids. Instead I've started to play some other games: Diablo 2 and my newfound best friend, league of legends(LoL):
I assume you know what dota is, if not just google "dota". LoL is a clone, the same basic principles, but with a few differences. You cannot deny, you dont lose gold when you die, you gain much more gold from hero kills. Three things which promotes hero killing acion instead of the creep killing game which high level dota games seem to end up as.
LoL is free to play but if you like you can buy heroes for real cash, you will eventually get there even if you dont buy, but paying will get you there quicker. In my opinion a great concept, though I dont really like that some cosmetic features are not available except for real cash, but I have never been that big one that kind of stuff anyway so I'll live.

So, if you like dota, I definately think you should try out LoL and if you have never played dota and would like to know what all the fuss is about, here is your chance. Remember LoL is free to play, only need to download the client.
I will post 2 links, the first is a referal which may or may not give me some bonuses, and if you really dont want to help me out take the second one.
EU-site referal (europe, thanks for klicking it :P)
EU-site (the normal link)
Rest of the world (I think) (main site)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Leveling up

I have been playing World of Warcraft ever since the release in europe.
As such I have quite a few level 80s at this point. (Shaman, Warrior, Death Knight, Warlock, Rogue) My next level 80 will be my hunter, almost 74 now.

I want to make it clear, that I really really dislike leveling, in vanilla I mostly grinded, in TBC I quested and in WOTLK I have done it by questing(warrior), some grinding(shaman), pvping(death knight) and now I am instance-leveling. On my hunter I do one dungeon per day, that gives me experience and emblems for when I finaly reach 80, allowing me to stay rested the entire time.

All of the above have one thing in comon: they are all a grind.
Yes, questing is different than just killing the same mob over and over, but after the first time(if not already during the first time) it is just grinding in a more efficient manner. I could not care less about the lore, I dont need the money from the quests, why am I forced to do them again? Okey, yes I am not forced, but I hate leveling and I want to do it as quickly as possible so I am out of options.

My solution to this would be that once you reach 80 the experience needed for the next character would be significantly nerfed. Outlands with heirlooms is the leveling pace that I would say is reasonable (and yes it was nerfed).

As far as I can tell there is no downside to this proposal. For those that like the quests there is always a option to
a) stop the experience gain(yes you can actaully do that now)
b) do the quests at 80 where you also gain more money from them.
I also dont see how too many 80s could cause any problems.

-Nerf leveling once one character has reached maximum level, kthnxbye.

And thats my 0.02€.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DPS are selfish

So last sunday I was in icc25, attempting lady deathwhisper 25 hc.
We did some nice proggress getting to phase 3 the more tries we got on her.
I play healer and as such it is my job to keep the bars green.
It gets very hard when for some recount is more interesting than looking out for cleaves and ghosts.

Anyway, I have noticed a trend among the damage dealers, generally speaking, not just about last sunday:
Selfish damage dealers would rather wipe and get to dps fulltime than killing the boss by doing what is actually required.

How often have you seen a dps class actually use their interrupt without being told to do so? If there ever is a skull up it quite often dies last. Should a encounter/pull require crowd control, well: Good luck with that! And worst of them all, aggro pulling and then blaming the tank.

Then there are of course those that do bad dps, yes, you guys are selfish too. By doing bad dps you are slowing everyone else down. I do not care if you THINK your spec/rotation is the best, or how much you like it better. If its less than optimal you are selfish, periord.

Unselfish damage dealer then? -Glad you asked! :D
In my mind a unselfish (aka proper) damage dealer is one that requires as little maintenance as possible, as a healer is one that I should not even notice, except for when encounter design requires me to (raidwide aoe for instance). They are also willing to go the extra mile to help out the raid, EVEN if it costs them some damage done.

In conclusion.
Good damage dealer: high damage output.
GREAT damage dealer: high damage output, low maintenance AND is able to do the "thing" the encounter requires.
Which one will you be?

Thats my 0,02€

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The first post

Yes, that is right folks!
I decided to make a blog and this would be my first post.
So if you are seeing this congratulations, you are among the first
to ever stumple upon this site.

I havent quite decided what I will write about,
but as I am a gamer, mostly favoring blizzard games that is probably what this blog will be about, mostly anyway.

During the next couple of days & weeks I will try and
improve the layout, proably the titlepicture too :P

that is pretty much all I have to say right about now.