Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A fresh 80, now what?

So, I finaly reached 80 on my hunter.
Raiding was not really an option for me, having done
all the content and all. Ruby Sanctum is really just one boss,
not going to spend the next month gearing up just to have a crack at that.

So, I figured I would go and pvp. As it turns out though, I would have
to spend even more time grinding battlegrounds, decking out my character to even be moderately competative (currently getting 2 shotted, literally).
All in all, I did farmed some badges, bought tier 9 shoulders, bought
bracers, found the epic crossbow from uthgarde, got owned a bunch of times
to get one win.

Then I rerolled a paladin, still a class I havent gotten to 80. And considering that nothing done on lvl 80 at the moment matters, I might just aswell try to get a bunch of 80s ready to go once cataclysm ships.
Completed the van cleef questline yesterday, and for once I actually read the quest text and the notes you have to bring left and right. The story of wow might not be so bad afterall. :P

Anyhow, the guild seems to be going great, 9 days until start and plenty of people already signed up. However, if you arent unfamiliar with raiding and like the idea of leveling up as a guild, go check out:
Still need most classes/specs, first come first served.

My name is Nairi and these are my 0.02€ of today :D
-Have a good day everybody!

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